Hitman 2

Mission-based game for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Trial version
  • Size 50.72 MB
  • Works under: Windows 98 SE
  • Program available in English
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If you ever wondered what life was like for a paid assassin, you can download and play Hitman 2 and experience that nefarious world for yourself.

Hitman 2 follows a story line similar to the one found in the first game. You play as Agent 47, a former assassin who left behind that world for a quieter and simpler life. While working in a small church, he wakes to find that a priest went missing in the middle of the night and needs his old employer to help him locate the man. Though the agency agrees to help, it sends you on a series of missions to prove that you still have what it takes to work in that underground world.

The full game features more than 40 different destinations that you will play over the course of more than 20 levels. As in the previous game, you'll find weapons that you can use to dispatch your enemies. Each level gives you the freedom to decide just how you'll take down those other characters based on what you find in that location. The game changes and grows more or less challenging based on those decisions.

One great feature about Hitman 2 is that it comes with its own tutorial. A common complaint players had about the first game was that it took them far too long to learn how to sneak around enemies, climb walls, use certain weapons, and do other things within the game. This one comes with a tutorial at the very beginning that shows you how to do everything you need to do before you go out in the world alone. You can even replay certain things until you feel more comfortable performing those actions.

Players will also like that the full game comes with three difficulty levels. When you play on the normal level, you can save your progress up to seven times in each level. The number of saves available drops to two for those playing on expert. If you choose the professional level, the game will make you restart the level at the very beginning each time you die. While this Hitman 2 demo doesn't come with the full game, it comes with a full level that shows you some of the action you'll see in the full version.


  • Features three difficulty levels based on your skills
  • Continues the story of Agent 47 from the first game
  • Comes with unusual weapons like golf clubs
  • Includes more than 40 locations and more than 20 levels
  • Customizes your game play based on the decisions you make


  • Professional mode does not let you save your progress
  • The basic level is more challenging than some would like
  • Lacks the exciting story of the first game
  • Some missions can take hours and multiple replays to beat
  • Demo only includes a single level
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